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The John Kerry Show

Kerry keeps the world safe
for government US drug running - 1988


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The art of "limited hang out"


These hearings, chaired by Skull and Bones members John Kerry, appeared to be a great breakthrough at the time.

Just like his appearance as an "anti-war" veteran testifying against the Vietnam War.

Now it's pretty clear Kerry only became an "anti-war" activist AFTER the Pentagon decided they wanted out and were frustrated by the madman in the White House at the time, Richard Nixon.

it's also pretty clear now that far from revealing new information, Kerry was making sure that the truth about government's direct involvement in the drug industry was carefully controlled.

If you have the time to watch this hearing carefully, not that Kerry only "reveals" things that were already known and skirts far from anything that would go to the heart of the problem:

The US uses the illegal drug business as an instrument of political policy. More info about this from an original BrasscheckTV.com produced program: Douglas Valentine on the reality of the drug war

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