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The Corporate America Diet

Ethical doctor and firefighter son
vs corporate spokeswhore


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Vegan not vegitarian


Note: Rip's attempt at humor ("people who eat meat will have to do it in another room") doesn't reflect the attitude of any of the vegans I know and I doubt it reflects his either. If it does, he profoundly lost me on that one.


There's one very easy thing you can do to...be healthier...feel better...be less dependent on (or better, independent of) the medical-industrial complex...save money and increase your survival potential when the proverbial s*** hits the fan, look into the vegan way of eating.

I'm not saying believe.

I am saying research the benefits of first reducing and them eliminating entirely animal products from your diet: meat and dairy.

Never in the history of humanity have people eaten as much meat and animal products as "economically advanced" people eat today. Three times a day, multiple servings. It's dietary madness and the end product shows up in intensive care wards all over the country every day enriching the medical profession.

Where did this come from?

19th century meatpackers who operated the first assembly lines and industrialized meat production leveraged their wealth into fat government contracts and mass market advertising and then cemented it with hallucinatory food pyramids, bogus medical studies, and oceans of propaganda.

Go here, hunt around, educate yourself. It's later than you think.

More info at: The Real Food Channel

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