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Little rip-offs to avoid

Nothing heavy, but may save you some bucks


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Save a few hundred bucks a year


A lot of these fall into the "duh" category, but I learned a few things and got a few ideas.

If it saves be a couple of hundred bucks every year, the six minutes I invested in this was well worth it.

I hope for you too.

A cheat sheet:

French fries - plus they are insanely bad for you
Bottled Water - why pay a premium price for an inferior product? (If you live in US or Canada, you don't need it.)
Warranties on electronics - just say no
Free credit reports - you can get one for free every year
Stadiums - one nation under sports...and full of rip offs
Starbucks coffe - but you already knew that
Gym memberships - buy some weights, walk, run
Managed investments - all Wall Street products are scams
Oil changes
Travel size of anything
Razor Blades
Electronics cables
Fountain Soda
Ink Cartridges
Brake jobs
Premium gas
All you can eat buffets
Hotel mini bars - duh
Movie Theater Popcorn
Wireless cancellation fees
Lottery tickets
Branded painkillers
College textbooks
Text messages

Brasscheck TV's answer to the normal human question: "What can I do?"
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