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RFK on the State of the Union

(With pro-war comments from Lyndon Johnson)


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The price of speaking the truth


On the night he won the all-important California primary election, Robert F. Kennedy was shot in the back of the head at close range as he was making his way through a hotel kitchen.

That night, there were no police positioned at the hotel where the rally was held. A hotel employee had to call the police to summon them to the scene.

The man in charge of the security of the hotel kitchen area where Kennedy was shot was an outspoken hater of the Kennedy family. Several people reported seeing this man's gun drawn at the same time Kennedy fell.

The injured, including Kennedy, were not taken straight to the hospital and were instead held back with those in charge of the operation claiming they were performing triage. Whether Kennedy would have survived the shot to the back of his head at close range is debatable, but the delay in treating insured his death.

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