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John McCain - Still Lost in Space

Is he a sociopath?


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Liar, crook, traitor
- and protected by the media


McCain is already well known for his simple inability to tell the truth.

It's pretty clear he will say ANYTHING with no concern whatsoever about its accuracy if he thinks: a) it will benefit him and b) he will get away with it.

Twenty odd years ago, during the Savings and Loan crisis, McCain ran interference on Capitol Hill for banker-crook Charles Keating in return for campaign contributions. In fact, McCain was one of the most vocal defenders in Congress for the criminal culture that destroyed America's Savings and Loan industry.

But traitor?

How is John McCain a traitor?

Well, unlike many of his fellow captives during the Vietnam War, McCain cooperated with his North Vietnamese captors by recording anti-America propaganda. He did it dozens of times.

Now you know why the right wing is pushing so hard to paint Obama as doing anti-American things.

It's the old George Bush/John Kerry deal all over again. Kerry was a bona fide combat veteran. Bush was an arrogant, cowardly draft dodger protected by his crooked father.

The media gave Bush a free pass. They even looked the other way on his cocaine possession arrest.

It looks like the traitor, the candidate who actually turned on his own country multiple times, will get the pass this time.

Where's the news media on this story? Nowhere to be seen.

Business as usual.

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