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The moon landing hoax

Was Stanley Kubrick the director?


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What a long strange trip it's been


The engineering was impossible, but the pictures were great - unless you look too closely.

Who helped make everything so good?

Fingers point to Stanley Kubrick who was a master of creating illusions with film.

"Dr. Strangelove" put him on the Pentagon's radar. "2001: A Space Odyssey" was his laboratory.

There's endless evidence that human beings have never been to the moon:

1. The Van Allen Radiation Belt is impossible for biological entities to transverse

2. Survival during "re-entry" via the capsules shown on TV would have been physically impossible for the crew

3. Live "transmission" of live video from the moon was far beyond technological capabilities of the time

4. Still photo rolls supposedly taken on the moon were filled with one flawless picture after another, something experienced professionals would have trouble doing even with careful lighting and staging and would have been impossible for amateurs in bulky spacesuits in completely unprecedented conditions

5. Journalists (and viewers at home) were not permitted to see the live video transmission directly. A television camera filmed the screen and reporters walked the output of that on black and white TVs. The original footage? NASA reports that it was lost.

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