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Multiple shooters at Sikh Temple

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Too many coincidences means something stinks


Yet another 'lone gunman' incident is contradicted by several witnesses that claim there were 'multiple' shooters.

One witness, relaying information from his father in the hospital, told CNN that, "It was a very coordinated thing. It wasn't haphazard."

And another witness said the shooting was committed by "four white males, who were dressed darkly, dressed in all black clothing, came in and opened fire on our congregation."

Now, I understand that in situations like this there is confusion and chaos, and sometimes reports by witnesses can be unreliable, however, how many times can these 'lone gunman' incidents be contradicted by witnesses claiming that there were multiple shooters and considered coincidence?

In yet another strange coincidence, the Chicago Tribune is reporting:

Police had cordoned off a long stretch of East Holmes Avenue and Cudahy police Patrol Officer Aaron Agenten confirmed that the FBI agents were on the street, leading the investigation.

Other news outlets are reporting that the suspected 'lone gunman' had only lived at the home for a few weeks.

James Holmes, you may recall, is the name of the Colorado theater shooting suspect.

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(Update) The Sikh Temple 'lone gunman' is now being identified as Wade Michael Page, a former psychological operations specialist in the U.S. Army. -ABC News

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