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Orlando story demolished

Another preposterous scenario


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As usual the story doesn't add up


Videos show people carrying "victims" TO the Orlando nightclub...

First the shooter is anti-gay, but then he's gay.

He's crazy, but he's appeared as an actor in at least two movies according to the Internet movie database.

In the middle of the shooting, he took time to make phone calls and post to Facebook.

The eye witnesses and relatives of the victims are nothing short of bizarre.

The outcome:

Like San Bernardino, Orlando was a Trifecta:

The event was designed to make people believe that:

1. We're under attack by Muslims
2. They're self-radicalizing and random
3. The domestic threat is unlimited

Obama & Co's solution:

1. Continue bombing Muslims overseas and if necessary find more of them to bomb
2. Place strict controls on Internet use (i.e. surveil the f*** out of everyone who
uses it)
3. Ban the private ownership of guns

It's simple, isn't it?

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